Web Developer

living in Bangkok, Thailand 🇹🇭


  • Created a web app to manage and grow their portfolio of over 4,000 clients with daily additions.
  • Designed a multilingual website and sales video guide to showcase their demonstration school to prospective students and families.
  • Provided entrepreneurs with a custom learning management system and marketing support to create, sell, and promote online courses.


  • Currently pursuing a degree in Computer Science at Bangkok University
  • How to Code: Complex Data by the University of British ColumbiaCertificate
  • How to Code: Simple Data by the University of British ColumbiaCertificate


  • Programming Language: TypeScript
  • Web Framework: Remix (soon to be React Router v7)
  • CSS Utility Framework: Tailwind CSS
  • Backend Services: Cloudflare, Firebase
  • Design & Programming Paradigms: Domain-Driven Design (DDD), Functional Programming